The real deal behind Enterprise FM

The real deal behind Enterprise FM

No, it’s not a radio station. What sounds so much like a fun panorama of voices and boom boxes is actually a careful system of logistics and operational management. FM stands for Fleet Management. If you’re in the business of transferring a fleet from one area to the other, you know that the real problem lies behind tracking them on top of dealing with cost and value per vehicle. This includes ships, trucks vans, planes, helicopters, rail cars and, of course, cars.

Fleet management has several functions including tracking and diagnostics, an important aspect when you’re taking care of your investment, as well as other mandatory such as vehicle financing, vehicle maintenance, speed management and even driver management.

Why is it important to think of Fleet Management?

Moving your fleet involves a lot of risks. A lot can happen between Point A to Point B. This includes but are not limited to, vehicle depreciation, driver management or being subjected to safety hazards, or worse, they might even get lost or delayed along the way. Fleet management allows a third-party agency to take care of everything from Point A to Point B for you, managing overall transportation costs, and even your staff costs, so you don’t have to do anything except wait for your fleet to come.

Why Enterprise FM?

Enterprise FM is part of the bigger Enterprise Holdings family which includes services such as truck rental, car sharing, and other transportation solutions. Combined, it has the biggest car fleet at your service in the world with over 1.7 million trucks and cars. This is measured not just in the fleet but in revenue and employee count. Enterprise Holdings was called by Forbes as one of America’s Largest Private Companies. With a rich heritage of 60 years of fleet management to back it up, it promises to lower your fleet vehicle expenses and operating expenses. These comprehensive programs are sure to let you focus on your customers more

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